Dating Book Review:

"Guy Gets Girl"

Guy Gets Girl

Author: Tiffany Tailor
Overall Rating: 8/10
Advice: 8.5/10
Presentation: 6/10
Value: 9.2/10
Official Site:

This is indeed the most popular dating advice ebook series written by a woman. Yes, Guy Gets Girl is a three book series (1st ebook: beginner, 2nd ebook: intermediate, 3rd ebook: advanced) that shares with you the secrets of the women's mind. The best analogy, if we assume that dating is war, is that Guy Gets Girl gives you the plan of the enemy camp...

In Guy Gets Girl you will get information and insight about the inner workings of the female mind and emotions. Women's emotional and mental triggers make them do or act in a certain way that is not based on logic. Hint: that's why it's hard to understand women sometimes! Once you know how to switch on these triggers you will be able to make a women feel emotionally connected with you in a romantic way.

Author Tiffany Tailor also puts forth a different view from most other dating ebooks written by guys: that it's OK to be a nice guy. She tells you how to use the power of emotions to make girls fall in love with you, rather than than simply getting laid (she is a woman, after all :-)).

Guy Gets Girl has one downside - the book is not as perfectly organized as others out there and the website could be a bit hard to navigate. To help you out in choosing whether the ebook series (or some of the ebooks) are for you, we are outlining the content of the three ebooks:

Volume 1 of Guy Gets Girl Includes:

* Constructing Your Confidence - how to get rid of approach anxiety and change your attitudes of failure
* Moving In on the match - how to approach women and conquer the opener and awkward silence
* Dating Dos and Don'ts - how to flirt and present yourself for the event
* Sexual Tension Tamers - how to understand her signals and one night stands
* Continuing the courtship - knowing when to go into a relationship

Volume 2 of Guy Gets Girl includes

* "Everything You Always Needed To Know About Dating and Getting Laid By The Hottest & Most Attractive Babes, But Didn't Know Who To Ask" - this is a whole ebook dedicated to decoding the female mind!

Volume 3 of Guy Gets Girl talks about:

* Preparing for advanced seduction - understanding body language and signals
* Scoping - advanced scoping tactics for targets
* Approach/opening - what are the things you need to say, such as time limitations and rules of approaching
* Advanced conversation theory for the pickup - discussions about using wingman, sharing the floor and stealth tactics
* Closing - how to to get her to give you her real number and move onto seduction

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