Dating Book Review:

"How To Be Her Best Lover Ever"

Author: John Alexander
Overall Rating: 9.0/10
Advice: 9/10
Presentation: 9/10
Value: 9/10
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How To Be Her Best Lover Ever is a comprehensive guide on becoming a superb lover by the famous author of How To Become An Alpha Male - John Alexander.

The Mindset Method that John explains in the book is absolutely groundbreaking. Every other love making ebook has you memorizing gobs of material about how to manipulate the woman's mind, but this is the only book that explains that the key to good sex for your woman is to have YOUR OWN mind straight (reminds you of the Alpha Male, doesn't it?).

Though the book is slim - only 140 pages, it is jam-packed with so much information that it is worth more than any 10 other sex books put together. How To Be Her Best Lover Ever skips all the fluff and filler - you get nothing but the step-by-step techniques and methods you need. That's all. Nothing else.

Here is a brief listing of some of the information in How To Be Her Best Lover Ever

* The secrets for giving her incredibly hot oral sex
* Techniques that help you get a woman aroused
* How you can make your partner do what you want
* How to know when a woman is faking an orgasm
* The key sex spots on female body
* How you can develop the single most important quality that attracts women
* The differences in male and female perspective on sex and how to take advantage of them
* 6 powerful aphrodisiacs that you can use to stimulate more pleasure
* How you can become an expert with your fingers and your mouth

Customers comment heavily in favor of the chapter on boosting your testosterone through your diet and living habits. "Pure gold" is how they refer to it and we agree. How To Be Her Best Lover Ever has a massive, complete compilation of how exactly to boost your testosterone naturally, and thus have a higher sex drive.

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