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"How To Become An Alpha Male"

How To Become An Alpha Male

Author: John Alexander
Overall Rating: 9.5/10
Advice: 10/10
Presentation: 9/10
Value: 9.5/10
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How To Become An Alpha Male is quite diffirent from all the other dating and seduction books out there. Most of them try to teach you how to seduce or how to attract women, teaching you different techniques, "do this" and "don't do this" type of stuff. While they all work, they all focus on WOMEN, too. Instead, How To Become An Alpha Male focuses on YOU, which makes the whole thing a lot easier and it has a lot more benefits for you in the end (besides getting laid :-)).

This is quite a different approach and the result will be that you will become more conscious of the Alpha Male inside you (we'll brief you on what an "Alpha Male" is in a second). You will improve yourself as a man, become more aware of your strengths and your nature. Doing this, you will automatically start attracting more girls and more importantly - the RIGHT type of girls for you!

Sure it covers all the necessities: the "where/what/how", avoiding common mistakes, overcoming insecurities, etc. But where How To Become An Alpha Male really shines is in its clear summary of Alpha Males, Beta Males, and Jerks and the guidance it provides on how to unleash the Alpha Male in you! John's ebook deals mostly with inner game. Your success with women comes from having a solid mindset and self-confidence. Once you have your internals in order, you no longer need a long set of techniques.

But what is an Alpha Male? Have you noticed how some guys capture all the attention immediately after entering a room? How they naturally take a leading role among men and women alike? Well, those are the kind of guys girls adore - the Alpha Males. Alpha Males don't need approach women, they approach them instead!

Embark on a journey toward self-improvement as man and become a natural leader among the people around you. Gain more confidence, and enjoy more success with women with "How To Become An Alpha Male"

P.S. Currently John is giving away 12 private email coaching sessions to each of a limited number of his readers.

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