Dating Book Review:

"Make Every Man Want You More"

Author: Amy Waterman
Overall Rating: 9.0/10
Advice: 8.8/10
Presentation: 9.2/10
Value: 9/10
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Are you finding it really hard to get past the dating game and on with a meaningful relationship? Don’t you think you would probably be better off if you were already in a meaningful relationship? Almost every woman wants to find and settle down with the man they like. If you have ever wondered how it would be if you could attract, retain and marry the man you like, read on.

Marie Forleo has teamed up with relationship expert Amy Waterman to produce a high-quality 6 Step Man Attraction (6 x 45 minutes audio lessons + workbook) system they call Make Every Man Want You More, which answers the real questions that real women have about making dating, commitment, and modern relationships work. It isn't so much a relationship guide as a guide to get your head out of the clouds and into real life. The advice from the author is real and that's what this book is about - getting real. If you are looking for overnight success, we don't recommend this book for you as it requires working on yourself first before you go out and try to find someone.

1. One of the most important things you will learn is how to become irresistible. You will learn that looks are something that are not as important as you think they are and this guide will teach you exactly how.
2. You will learn everything required for a modern day woman to find and attract the type of men she wants. You will also probably learn why you haven’t been able to succeed for such a long time.
3. You will also learn the four very important methods of attracting the man you want.
4. Once you have attracted his attention you will now learn how to retain his attention.
5. You will also learn about the six topics that are great for getting a man involved in a discussion.
6. You should also know about the five things that turn men off and which you should avoid.
7. Learn when it’s the right time to have sex and when to abstain from it.
8. At last but not least you will learn how to keep a relationship going. This is something all women will need to learn now that they have attracted the man they want.

Make Every Man Want You More aims to explain everything in a straight forward and conversational manner. Almost any woman can start applying these techniques straight away, because that this course begins with a practical approach.

In one buyer review we read: "At last, something that doesn't teach women to act like men or play dumb like bimbos. This is a course for real women, women with minds and intellects, women who want to attract men without compromising their integrity." - that's a pretty good sum up of Make Every Man Want You More.

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