How many calories do you burn during sex


Sex is a delicious temptation and no-calorie indulgence. Yet, if you are calorie-counting, having sex is as sweet as eating dessert, especially if the one you are doing it with is as yummy as a donut.  Will you lose weight by rolling in the hay? The answer is, “Yes.”

Making out can be a workout, and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. The longer you have sex, the more weight you lose. Perhaps, that is the reason why those studs are so sexy as they get rid of the excess fat by sex dating so often!

Research studies show that the average calories burned per minute by men and women while having sex is at 3.6. That seems pretty low until you multiply it by 60 minutes, which means you can lose as much as 216 calories an hour.

Sex is a fitness exercise. When you are fit, you can have a better sex life. When you have sex regularly, it’ll be easier for you to achieve your fitness goals. If you are not into fitness, you can ‘sexercise’ regularly to get rid of those calories and gain both physical and mental health benefits.

Make the extra effort.  Of course, the amount of effort that you put into love-making shall affect the number of calories burned. The various physical activities you do while making out all entail expending some effort. Even if you are laid back, the body benefits from the excitement. Right off, you will have cardiovascular activity. Your heart gets pumping at a faster rate. You experience deep breathing that makes the blood circulation better. When you do cardio, your body burns fat. The unwanted fat burns into energy, and that action happens at the cellular level.

Feel the burn. You might feel the same burn, which occurs when pumping iron if there is some lifting that places a strain on the muscles. A man might be making the woman ride him cowboy style, and make her move up and down faster and by holding her waist to lift her and make her slam down on his dick.

Choose the position. The position used makes a difference in the number of calories burned. For example, a couple uses the traditional missionary position. The male who stays on top and ‘does the work’ gets to burn more calories than the woman. The man has to move his upper body and his hips, while the woman lies down. If the woman responds by thrusting back, she loses more calories. Research studies show that the spooning position expends the least amount of calories while the standing position gets to burn the most.

Having sex is a wonderful way to lose weight, and you can justify lying around in bed, making love the whole day by saying, “This is my weight loss program.” When you have regular sexercise combined with a healthy diet, you will feel good and look good. Sex provides us with a fitness routine that never has to get boring. If you are looking for a sexercise partner, it is easy to find your ‘gym buddy’ when you download apps for sex dates.